Friday, April 04, 2008

Obama: An Oppressed Minority Who Might End the War

As an oppressed minority, Barak Obama has seen life from a perspective all too rare among politicians. He has suffered being cast out of restaurants and other public accomodations. He has strived to pass himself off as a member of the ruling majority, only to have his efforts cast into doubt and his minority status thrown back into his face. Some people think that none of this matters—that we should not discuss Obama's minority status, much less consider it as a factor in his candidacy. To the contrary, I think we should celebrate it as a something that makes him more likely than McCain or Clinton to pursue a policy of peace.

I refer, of course, to Obama's nicotene habit and how it might encourage him to take a fresh perspective on the ongoing Drug War.

As a cigarette smoker, Obama has, like others in that oppressed minority, suffered shame and rejection. Obama has evidently tried to stop or at least hide his habit, only to have reporters badger him about his efforts and doubt his sincerity. Some people think we shouldn't care whether or not Obama smokes. As someone who struggles with addiction daily, though, Obama surely knows better than most that criminalizing drugs offers a very poor way to help the afflicted. More than any other presidential candidate, he can understand first-hand the appeal of recreational drugs, and can empathize with those who let their bad habits get the best of them.

Thanks to his addiction to cigarettes, Obama offers us the hope of a kinder, freer, more peaceful America.


dgm said...

The Audacity!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Very fine twist about all this! We're all hypocritically connected in one way or another now, aren't we? So I find it refreshing that you have not completely given up on the means by which peace may hypothetically be attained--even at the expense of someone's addiction. You're most definitely looking at the bright side of things....I think. Way to go! :)

Anonymous said...

ummm. nope.

Anonymous said...

He shouldn't smoke because it's damaging him, but I understand how powerfully addictive cigarettes are having been addicted myself. Nicotine is actually neuro-enhancing in the short term. In the long run its bad for the brain because of the delivery method of the nicotine(through smoke) Smoking affects the entire cardiovascular system which includes the heart which pumps blood up to the brain. Of course this is in addition to all it does to the lungs.
Also Obama's not setting a good example. "So what Mom, President Obama smokes!"

Anonymous said...

If drugs were legal, could companies engineer them safe?

Anonymous said...

Anon April 10, 11:48 pm
They do ALL THE TIME. Drug companies push all kinds of stuff claiming it's safe. I heard rumor the new vaccine drug companies are pushing on young women to prevent cervical cancer they are now pushing on young men. Last time I checked, men do not have a cervix. Wake up people!

Glen Whitman said...

Men should be taking the vaccine against the virus that causes cervical cancer. Doing so will make it less likely that they will contract the virus and pass it to their female partners.

You might say that having only women take the vaccine is sufficient. But that's not true. The vaccine may not be 100% effective. If men also take the vaccine, then the virus has to pass through two hurdles (one man and one woman, both vaccinated) to get from one woman to another. Also, having men get vaccinated helps prevent transmission to women who haven't been vaccinated (for whatever reason).

I'm not sure how this relates to Tom's post, if it all.

Anonymous said...

Glenn: Pardon my ignorance. Your explanation completely explains the promotion of the vaccine to men.
The conundrum of protecting our children against disease, and yet raising them in a moral AND practical environment (while having a mind of their own to think with) will always be an issue. I know this is off the subject of Tom Bell's posting, but between Tom Bell, his wife, and you, do you mind combining your thoughts and expounding on this subject in another post?
It greatly bothers me that commercials are being put out to teenagers to get this vaccine when (in my opinion) they need to be informed about the consequences of promiscuity in the first place. I hope I don't come off as a self-righteous so and so--just want an educated opinion. Guess I feel we need to stop, educate, and inform ourselves, so that our children do not have to suffer or make the same mistakes our generation has made. We live in a totally different society now, but obviously good old fashioned values are still present.

Anonymous said...

Lmao, hell yes!, that was hilarious. Honestly, the way it was written, my eyebrows were becoming furrowed, I was thinking, "racism is still that prominent?" and then the genuine punchline...ah, I hadn't laughed that hard since I read Whitman's Lowest Rated Jerry Springfield show... Keep up the fantastic work

Unknown said...

Oh and btw, isn't smoking supposed to prevent you from radiation or something? And the Indians smoked it all the time, and they were healthy as horses, as I remember.
*smoking: not as bad as everyone is made to think!*
(and I'm not paid by them, either)

choadius said...

If Obama's addiction to cigarettes offers us the hope of a kinder, freer, more peaceful America, just think how marvelous a Sean Penn Presidency would be. Wow. ;-)