Friday, April 04, 2008

Unintentional Humor

Or is it? Here's an advertisement for the Audi A5:

Okay, I actually chuckled at the whole "you will [verb] one of these three [nouns]..." sequence. But when it got to the three cars, I thought that Audi would be one of them! Seriously, if you were going to add one more car to the sequence, "Mercedes, BMW, Lexus," wouldn't it be Audi? That's hardly breaking the cycle.


Anonymous said...

They should have put them in alphabetical order, starting with the Audi and leaving out the Mercedes. Do you think this would have been just as effective, though--with a young guy? Gotta love that reverse/comparison/contrast psychology, though. It definitely appeals to the rebellion of youth.

Anonymous said...

That's a clever commerical and I love that car, but your right Audi has been right up there with those 3, it would make more sense if it was a lexus commercial for the i.s. series.