Friday, February 29, 2008

Good for Her

Excellent. Maybe this will finally put an end to the stupid (and I think recent) trend of highly public marriage proposals. I feel slightly bad for the guy, but only slightly. Against his pain, you should weigh the distress of all the women ever pressured into a "yes" by one of these stunts.

(Via Megan.)


Anonymous said...

He should have thought beforehand of the two possible outcomes. But you know the old is blind...except in his case it was his infatuation with her beauty that blinded him.

Larry Sheldon said...

One of the two Great Truths my kids learned when they were little:

Don't ask the question if you might not like the answer.

The other one?

Forgiveness is sometimes easier to get than permission is.

Larry Sheldon said...

The one thing about this case that bothers me more than the poor male getting beat down in public is this--surely she knew what was coming down, why did she go out there?

Small wonder that intelligent males are afraid to do the romantic thing, make commitment, and all of that.

There is just so much wrong with this whole picture.

Ran said...

I feel bad for her as well — she didn't look too happy as she walked off the court.

Also, obviously I don't know anything about their relationship, but I can't say that strikes me as a particularly romantic forum for a marriage proposal. (Obviously the previous commenter disagrees, though, so I guess this is a matter of opinion.)

Anonymous said...

It's a hoax, orchestrated by the mascot. (I forget where I read this, but it's apparently the case.)

Ran said...

If it is a spoof, it's not an original one at all:

Brandon Berg said...

Ha! The best part is when they cut to the shot of the guy walking off with the mascot.

Anonymous said...

Actually, my understanding of most "public" proposals is that they are actually little more than ceeremony for the woman's benefit. As an example, my wife and I had already essentially settled on a marriage date before I ever "asked" her to marry me. If it weren't something I knew she wanted, I wouldn't have bothered.

This is in the same vein as the old joke about weddings (which is, largely, true): "Wedding props: flowers, lace, candles, groom, dress, etc." Weddings (and many of the associated things with them) are for women, by women, and men are just along for the ride.

Anonymous said...

Coming from a woman: I'd be mortified if someone proposed to be in front of a crowded sports event. Totally ruins the romantic side of a proposal.