Monday, July 09, 2007

L&S: Glen Gets Assimilated

Glen just started his presentation by displaying a PowerPoint slide of the title. He didn't use PowerPoint in his first presentation, so I immediately decided to write a post noting that Glen was hitherto the sole holdout to not use PowerPoint slides at this seminar. Now, though, he's running through a series of funny self-referential slides about his having caved in to peer pressure. The present one, for instance, reads, "Personally, I think PowerPoint slides are a crutch for the weak." (Hmm. Does he mean weak speakers or weak listeners?)

Interestingly, when I spoke at a similar seminar last month, at Wake Forest, I was the only speaker to use PowerPoint slides. And even I didn't use PowerPoint slides at IHS events until very recently. Judging from those trends, then, resistance is futile; we will soon all get assimilated into the PowerPoint borg.

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