Monday, July 09, 2007

L&S: Creative Uses of PowerPoint

Okay, now Glen has REALLY done it. He's giving a terrific lecture on market failure and government failure, but.... in the background, he has perhaps the funniest PowerPoint ever running. It started with a comment about how the rest of us faculty are using PowerPoint and that he must have missed the memo, and has gone from there to be an ongoing commentary about the uses and abuses of PowerPoint that has nothing to do with his lecture. The picture of Don Knotts as one of the "heroes of liberty" was the clincher. I hope he decides to put it on the web later in the week.

I will point out that one slide said "I think PowerPoint is a crutch for the weak." Of course, here he is actually using it and doing so in a way that makes his lecture more entertaining and memorable than it would have been otherwise. Crutch for the weak indeed.

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