Thursday, July 28, 2005

L&S: Students' Blog

This year's Liberty & Society seminar at Pitzer College saw a first: A blog set up by and for the students. It's called Cafe Liberty, (apparently sans l'accent aigu, merci you very much) and offers a fun collection of personal banter, professional development discussions, and serious cogitatin' about liberty-related stuff. We can thank William Perales, he of the Eagle and Elephant blog, for that waaaay cool innovation. And I can thank Robert Sarvis for posting at Cafe Liberty a list of links to legal resources—the Institute for Justice, the Federalist Society, and the like—that I'd meant to post here.

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W. said...

It has taken off more than I thought it would. Hope we keep it up. Thanks for the plugs. I still have quite a few thoughts in response to the talks at the seminar. Once I get this paper on play finished, I will spend more time going through the notes. Last night, I presented to the class and things went well. However, as I expected, when I discussed Postrel's use of play most in the class were surprised and seemingly not too supportive of a libertarian use of play. How dare she! I explained how she uses it and that it is quite in sync with many libertarians' ideas of what dynamics should be "at play" in a free society. It was fun play for me.