Sunday, March 12, 2006

Petit Furs

Glen tagged me with the "Meme of Furs." I guess I didn't run fast enough. But, alas, in cyberspace you can hide but you cannot run.

You can meander, though. Boy, can you meander. Googling this post's title, for instance, I discovered that in all likelihood, Cinderella originally wore squirrel-fur shoes. Whoa. That story just got a lot more fraught with symbolism.

Anyhow, where was I? Oh, right, the mutating "Meme of Furs."

Fur places I've lived:
Under my scalp, all my life. May it remain so.

Fur sites I visit daily:
I usually comb my hair each morning, so I guess that counts. And I pet our cat, Hamlet, the site of a great deal of lovely gray fur.

Fur places I'd rather be right now:
Um, in a pair of squirrel-fur slippers?

Fur new bloggers I’m tagging:
The sunny d has already tagged everybody, so what's the point? I'm glad she did, too. I don't know any fur bloggers, myself. (I bet some exist, though.)

1 comment:

dgm said...

fur hurts ... my pocketbook!