Saturday, November 08, 2008

"Take Up the Flame"

The fight for freedom has seen brighter days, I grant. I think it will see still brighter days yet, though, if we can encourage another generation to join the cause. Towards that end, I wrote a song, "Take Up the Flame":

As the song's credits indicate, I've dedicated the song to my old friend and mentor, Walter E. Grinder—one of the many people who inspired me to take up "the flame." I originally planned to debut the song at a conference planned by the West Coast chapter of the Students for Liberty, to be held at Stanford University in mid-November. I figured that Walter, who lives nearby, could hear the tune in person. That meeting got cancelled, alas. Not to be deterred, though, I'm now distributing the song virtually.

The song's credits also indicate that I've released it under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License, and made the lyrics and chords freely available for downloading. It would delight me if somewhere, someday, "Take Up the Flame" helped to raise the spirits of young folks rallying for the Good Fight. (Although I don't imagine anyone will find much reason to license the song commercially, I've also stipulated that any such licensee must agree to tithe a portion of the proceeds—10% of income, traditionally—to the Institute for Humane Studies, an organization that has long taught students about liberty.) Sing it loudly and proudly, friends of freedom!

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Anonymous said...

Appreciated. /Dan Klein

Tom W. Bell said...

You're very welcome, Dan!