Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Under Construction

This blog still uses a very old "classic" Blogger template. I've delayed switching over to the new Blogger template, because doing so would mean losing -- and then having to recreate -- many of the tweaks to font, color, sidebars, etc., that Tom & I have made over the years. But the longer I wait, the more out-of-date the existing template becomes. Among other things, the Archive link no longer works, and apparently it's impossible to update the link without switching over to a new Blogger template. So the time has come! While we're under construction, please forgive any transitional ugliness and dysfunctionality.


Anonymous said...

So the time has come!

The time has come/
To say fair's fair/
To pay the rent/
To pay our share

Larry Sheldon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Larry Sheldon said...

A good day! I learned something! ('Tis a BAD day I don't learn something.)

I learned that I can delete a comment.

Which said (sans typo):

Looking better!

A reference to the '"Under Construction"' which I should report to the quote marks police.