Friday, July 20, 2007

Z-Scores in Model of 2008 USN&WR Law School Rankings

As in 2005 and 2006, I'd like to offer z-scores from my model of the most recent U.S. News & World Reports law school rankings:

Z-Scores from Model of USN&WR 2007 Law School Rankings

Why should you care about a law school's z-scores? As I explained last time around, "z-scores, derived from the data that goes into the rankings, represent the penultimate step to calculating each law school's overall score. In some sense, the z-scores matter far more than the raw data about each school's reputation, LSATs, and so forth."

I limited my disclosure of the model's z-scores to only those law schools for which USN&WR publishes overall scores—the schools in the top two tiers of its rankings. USN&WR lists schools in the third and fourth tiers alphabetically. Although my model allows me to estimate those school's scores, and thus to rank them, I've thus far decided against publishing that data. For my reasons, please see this prior post.

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Anonymous said...

I notice that the Z scores posted do not have a mean of 0. Does this mean that you calculate the Z scores using schools in all tiers, and only display those in the top 100? Is that a more accurate way do model US News?

Tom W. Bell said...

Yes, Scott, I calculated the scores as you describe. And, yet, I did so to get accurate results.