Thursday, November 23, 2006


I remember the days when someone could wish you a "happy holiday" instead of a "safe and happy holiday." That was back when monkey bars were more than five feet high and baby strollers didn't look like armored attack vehicles.

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Ben said...

Heh, I was in Europe last month and except for the UK, I was suprised how not foolproof it was. I was in elevators without doors, in trains which allowed for opening windows such that someone could easily be dismembered or decapitated if he put parts of himself out the window (considereing the many narrow tunnels). There was often complete lack of road signs or yellow lines on roads that were often more than ten lanes wide. (One always risks his life when crossing the road in Italy). There were electric trains with bare high voltage power bars easily reachable to pedestrian going across designated crossings. It was a little weird because I wasn't used to have to look out for myself and think about safety before acting, wereas european seem to have the reflex.