Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Shocking News

According to a new study (registration required) authored by Dr. Drew Pinsky of "Loveline" fame, celebrities are more narcissistic than the general public. No big surprise there. More interesting is which celebrities are the most narcissistic: those most lacking in actual skills. Musicians had low narcissism ratings relative to other celebrities, for instance. The most narcissistic celebs? Reality TV contestants. Now I know you're shocked.

I wonder how bloggers would fare on the narcissism scale? Or to put it another way, what about me?

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Anonymous said...

I'd hypothesize that the skill-narcissism correlation for bloggers is less negative than for celebrities, and might even be positive.
A narcissistic expert would be more likely to blog than non-narcissistic ones.
And a narcissist with something to say is more likely to blog than one with less to say.
Expertise in, say, economics (to take a random example) is not like expertise in music. The latter needs an audience, so non-narcissist musicians feel forced to perform. But a non-narcissist expert is not compelled to blog. So I guess narcissists are more likely to do so.
Naturally, I know of no empirical evidence on this issue.