Friday, August 11, 2006


Jim Chen, law prof and associate dean at the University of Minnesota law school, recently launched a blog named, "Jurisdynamics." In the blog's introductory post, Jim explains that
Jurisdynamic tools include:
  • Mathematics, statistics, and empirical analysis, including bibliometrics
  • Language, linguistics, and interpretation
  • Complexity theory
  • Evolutionary biology and behavioral psychology

Naturally jurisdynamic subjects include:
  • Innovation policy and intellectual property
  • Economic regulation, antitrust, and competition policy
  • Environmental protection, natural resources, and agriculture
  • Natural disasters and other emergencies
  • Trade, development, and public finance
  • Constitutional law and democratic governance

I've been enjoying reading Jurisdynamics, not least because it used the perfect word to describe my professional approach to summer: estivation. Don't recall what that means? Check out Sunny Side d's account of our recent road trip through the state of Jefferson.

More substantively, the many language mavens who read this blog will probably share my appreciation of Jim's recent post about the (inevitable) evolution of Global English. To catch him in an elegaic mood, check out his post on the small copper. And if you find that Jurisdynamics does not exhaust your appetite for all things Chen, you should check out Unloving, 80 Iowa L. Rev. 145 (1994). D calls it her "favorite law review article, ever."

(You'd think she'd be my biggest fan, eh? But I suppose she could toss my writings a mere "not bad" and still qualify for that title. As Sunstein taught d, me, and countless other U of C law students to ask, "What's your baseline?")

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