Monday, July 10, 2006

What He Said

Via Marginal Revolution, I found this 2004 essay by Dan Klein on "Mere Libertarianism: Blending Hayek and Rothbard." This is closer than anything I've found to a description of my own view of libertarianism. Don't expect a foundational essay on, say, utilitarianism vs. deontology; that's not what it's about. Rather, Klein provides a useful way of thinking about liberty that is both clear (the virtue of Rothbard) and non-dogmatic (the virtue of Hayek). I highly recommend reading the whole thing -- but if you must skip to the best part, check out pages 23-26 (the section titled, "The Three Practical Limitations Diagramed").


Kevin B. O'Reilly said...

It surprises me that people are coming to this essay so late. I guess you take some things for granted. Dan Klein is, needless to say, brilliant.

Some of his online papers are here: All of the "papers with a decidedly libertarian voice" listed there are worth every person's while.

Tom W. Bell said...

I found that a rewarding read, Glen. Thanks for the cite. I best liked not the diagram, however, but the discussions of the People's Romance and the benefits of admitting that libertarianism does not satisfy all preferences.