Monday, March 06, 2006

When Your Lifestyle Is Everyone's Business

Do I repeat myself? Fine, then I repeat myself: Socializing healthcare creates political incentives to restrict personal freedom.
"We have truly a global epidemic which appears to be affecting most countries in the world," said Dr. Philip James, chairman of the International Obesity Task Force and author of an editorial in the journal warning of the trend.

He said children are "being exposed to the world's marketing might," arguing that governments should step in. "There needs to be a ban on all forms of marketing, not just telvision [sic] adverts."
Another doctor who examined the journal report was Dr. Brian McCrindle, a childhood obesity expert and professor of pediatrics with a pediatric hospital in Toronto.

He warned that the looming problem must be addressed.

"The wave of heart disease and stroke could totally swamp the public health care system," he said.

He warned that lawmakers had to take a broader view of the looming problem — and consider doing things such as banning trans fats and legislating against direct advertising of junk food toward children. [emphases added]
Thanks to Nick Gillespie for the link.

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