Saturday, January 07, 2006


I detest the neologism "bleg" (for begging via one's blog). So I'm just asking for a couple of favors here.

1. I missed the two-hour season finale of "Nip/Tuck." Does anyone know where I can download it, or have a copy (VHS or DVD) they could send me? (Also, please don't send me any spoilers! I still don't know who the Carver is!)

2. Almost a quarter of the time now, my browser (MSIE 6.0) gives me the "Page Not Found" message the first time I visit a site after opening the browser. Hitting renew successfully brings up the page, but it's annoying to do that every time. Anyone know what the problem is or how to fix it? (Yes, I know I could get Firefox or something, but I don't wanna. And I'm not convinced this is a browser problem -- it could have to do with my Adelphia cable internet connection.)


Steven Horwitz said...

Get Firefox. :) Seriously.

But that sounds like a cache problem of some kind, maybe that it's looking for the page locally in your cache and can't find it there. Check the IE settings. My best guess anyway... but Firefox is the solution.

Todd said...

I'll second that. Get firefox.

But as for the 1st favor; the finale is still pretty active on bittorrent if you know (or want to know) how to set that up.

I have a copy burned to DVD (I watched it live but am at near-OCD status when it comes to saving episodes of shows that I like), and would be happy to snail mail it to you; it would be a small price to pay for years of blog reading. ;)