Thursday, July 07, 2005

Spurlock Watch

Radley Balko gives Morgan Spurlock the ass-handing he so richly deserves. Really, this is just too good. It’s like watching a Conrail train plow through an apple cart. And the best part is it’s not just one article – it’s a dedicated blog with post after post of Spurlock-spanking goodness.


Anonymous said...

What would your reaction be if someone set up a spankingly-good blog called 'Glen Whitman Watch'? Talk about stalking someone; get a life Radley.

I find it ironic that with artificial sweetners showing up in more and more foods that Americans are fatter than ever and more likely than ever to develop diabetes prematurely. I always get a kick out of watching a fat persons guzzle diet soda while eating some fries. Thank you corporate America for giving us what we always wanted: Coke Zero to replace Diet Coke.

I was unaware that you were a fan of Conrail, Glen. Didn't that involve a government bailout in the 70's of about half a dozen bankrupt railroads in the north-east? As a small government Libertarian, you deserve a good spanking for upsetting the free market apple cart with Conrail. Turn the other (reddened) cheek, please. It's so easy to exact a pound of flesh!

-Morry Shylock

Glen Whitman said...

Hi, Trumpit!

If I were both as popular and as full of it as Morgan Spurlock, "Glen Whitman Watch" would be necessary and justified.

Diet Coke with french fries makes good sense, unless you're stuck in the "all or nothing" Spurlockian mindset. What's wrong with a partial reduction in calories? Demanding that every meal be perfectly healthy is almost as silly as Spurlock's choice to eat nothing but McDonald's for a month.

BTW, Conrail sucks. But its trains sure can demolish apple carts.