Sunday, October 03, 2004

Cool Maps of Dreary Donations

What would you get if you took publicly available information about how much each resident of Hollywood gave to Democratic or Republican parties or candidates and combined it with a map of the area? You would get this cool, fun, and informative map. Unsurprisingly, it shows a great many more Democratic donors. True to stereotype, it also shows that the biggest donations went to Republicans.

The map of L.A. offers similar charms. It proves all the more interesting, however, because it shows some Republican hotspots. Note how the red dots start popping up with noticeably greater frequency once you cross over the Orange County line. You can thank Fundrace these and other maps.


Anonymous said...

You shouldn't be entitled to the all information that you got. What I mean is that all "donations" should be made anonymously just like this post. I don't expect anything in return for posting just like the donors shouldn't expect any favors from their favorite candidate. Knowing who is giving you money is tantamount to bribery. Perhaps to keep the identity of the contributors unknown , the money has to be deposited with a impartial third party or trustee. You are so right that the current system is a disgustingly corrupt one designed to aid rent-seekers and screw the rest of us.

Chris said...

That's hella cool, Tom. Notice how all the donors are concentrated on the West Side. Once you move south of the 10 though, they all "dry up." I especially noticed the gaping hole in South Central. I believe that you can also draw an extremely interesting idea of the socio-economic outlays of a city by looking at these maps. Still, very cool!