Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Tom W. Bell: The Return

After Tom’s excellent guest-blogging stint last month, I asked him if he would like to join Agoraphilia as a permanent co-blogger, and he agreed. Expect to see new posts from Tom beginning this week.

Tom is all about value-added. Even during his guest period, Tom did his best to lure new readers and increase traffic to the site. And once he’d decided to join on as a regular co-blogger, he humbly suggested that I could possibly improve the site’s appeal with a few aesthetic changes – the results of which you can see now. I’m very pleased to have him aboard.


Anonymous said...

I say 'tis time for a background colour change as well. My eyes are weary from the urine yellow background. How about a cheery pastel blue background? Blimey, glad to have you back Tom! You are indeed a chipper chap, if I do say so myself.

Old Sod

Anonymous said...

For whom the Bell tolls? He tolls for me!