Friday, September 21, 2007

Why I Hate Video Blogs

1. They're almost impossible to skim, so I can't easily jump to the interesting parts.

2. Most people are better writers than they are speakers. Writing can be edited. Speech cannot, unless the speaker is reading from a prepared script -- which is boring.


Jadagul said...

3. Most people can read far, far faster than they can listen or than other people can speak. I pretty much refuse to listen to audio/video online on principle, because it takes something like five times as long to transfer the same content. And I get bored in between sentences (ADHD much?). I just can't come up with a reason why the audio or video would be preferable--if you need lots of visuals, separate them out into a bunch of graphics.

Anonymous said...

4. There's plenty of times when I'm browsing from a computer without speakers (as many computers in communal workplaces are configured), rendering audio/video discussions useless or when I simply don't need my neighbors/boss to hear whatever I'm reading.

Anonymous said...

The vlog can be better than a blog entry when one reads from a script and it is accompanied by images. It still has the down sides of transmitting information slowly as well as not being very good for scanning but the dramatic effect can very strong when the vlogger essentially makes a mini documentary. That combination of images and words is something that blog entries cannot do.