Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rankings Hack Hot Potato

In next year's law school rankings, U.S. News & World Report will introduce a new formula for calculating the "Employment at Nine Months" measure. The new formula will improve on the old one by foreclosing recourse to a particular classification scheme that evidently boosted some schools' rankings. After some reflection, however, I think I've figured out a way that schools might hack even the new and improved Emp9 formula.

I doubt that most of us would want to see law schools exploit the trick I have in mind. Even though it would probably not warp the USN&WR rankings quite so much as the tricks played on the old Emp9 formula did, it would hardly make the rankings more accurate. I'm a bit unsure how to best avoid that result, however. Please allow me, then, to poll you for advice about how much I should disclose about how to hack the new Emp9 formula.

What should I do with the new Emp9 hack?
Tell everybody, to level the playing field.
Tell me, alone. I'll keep it secret and will use it only for good!
Don't be a chump! Sell it to the highest bidder.
Shush! You've said too much, already.
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