Saturday, May 19, 2007

Where the Streets Have No Name

Who knew? Apparently U2 must have been talking about Managua, Nicaragua.


Lippard said...

Venezuela is the same way, which makes it interesting to have a telecom/Internet business operating there--customer addresses are descriptions similar to those in the article about Managua.

Lippard said...

Actually, I guess it's just parts of Venezuela that are that way--at least some parts of Caracas have street addresses, but the center of the city only has markers/names for street corners (esquinas), and addresses are identified as being located between two street corners.

Anonymous said...

You made me think of my song A Horse with No Name, by my group America. "I been through the city where the streets have no name." Now, if you'd take the time to finish the lyrics, I give permission to adapt them to my music. Go for it!