Thursday, March 15, 2007

Debating Global Warming

David Friedman has several excellent posts on global warming -- see here, here, and here. He also ably defends his position in the comments section on this post at Backseat Driving. Here's a quick summary of his position, which is very much like mine (no wonder I like his posts so much!):
[G]lobal warming is probably real, is probably but not certainly anthropogenic, is probably not going to have large effects on size and frequency of hurricanes and is probably not going to have large effects on sea level. It is a real problem but not, on current evidence, an impending catastrophe.

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Anonymous said...

A meteorlogist remarked in a recent Cleveland, OH, symposium on "global warming" that he didn't know which was more arrogant: claiming man is responsible for global warming or believing that he is capable of fixing it.