Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Miranda at 40" Symposium

My hardworking colleagues at Chapman Law School have long been planning a symposium on "Miranda at 40: Applications in a Post-Enron, Post-9/11 World." They've lined up Edwin Meese to give the keynote address and a variety of other luminaries and notables to fill out the various panel discussions. Local attorneys should take particular note of the fact that they can get up to 6 MCLE credits for attending. (Non-attorneys needn't worry about that nicety, which concerns a continuing education obligation that the California Bar imposes on its members.) In addition to the link above, you can download a brochure here.


Anonymous said...

Do you love Meeses to pieces?

dgm said...

who is this miranda and how did she get people to throw her a conference for her 40th birthday?

Tom W. Bell said...

Anonymous: I take the same line with him as I would with any politco: "Not until he frees us."

dgm: She save a lot of perps on technicalities, and enlivened many a TV detective show.