Friday, September 15, 2006

Washington Stock Exchange Takes Off

The Washington Stock Exchange (WSX) has successfully launched! Because it uses market processes to predict electoral and legislative events, WSX promises to make political news more accurate and fun. Soon, reporters might routinely sprinkle their stories with statements like, "Traders on the Washington Stock Exchange still predict that Republicans will hold onto to the House, but the odds just got longer." As an alternative to polls or talking heads, WSX offers the virtues of blogospheric decentralization plus hard numbers.

Want to know whether or not Arnold Schwarzeneger will be reelected California's governor? Check out the GVARSC06 stock. It currently trades at W$96.08/share, indicating that most traders think he'll win. If you think that too optimistic, you can express your opinion by shorting GVARSC06. Guess correctly and you'll win both $W (the play-money used on WSX) and, not incidentally, bragging rights.

I proudly to serve on the exchange's advisory board. WSX promises both to do well and to do good. Visit WSX, and get the news of the future, today!

[Crossposted to Technology Liberation Front.]

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