Saturday, August 19, 2006

Getting Stoned

In the postal store this afternoon, I saw some inspirational river stones much like these:

And I wondered, as I have in the past, why products like these always showcase words like “faith,” “hope,” “love,” and “imagine,” but never words like “reason,” “logic,” “think,” and “justify.”

The obvious answer, I suppose, is that people don’t generally associate logos-based virtues with objects of beauty. But sometimes they try, as evidenced by the success of Successories. Yes, they’re highly annoying, but not because they’re ugly.

Anyway, if you’d really like river stones engraved with words like those I suggested above, you can have them custom-made here. And since they’ll engrave any word you like, you don’t even have to stick to the upbeat and inspirational. You could vent your spleen with “hate,” “envy,” “backstab,” and “deceive.” You could get inscrutable with “sponge,” “the,” “ahem,” and “phlebotomy.” Or you could get surreal with “This is how you” (with nothing engraved on the back) or simply “This is not a stone.”


dgm said...

those would be better if they were chocolate.

Kyle said...

Because people who buy polished river stones don't share your values.