Thursday, December 08, 2005

Snowclone Spreading

'Snowclone,' a neologism I am credited with coining, is picking up speed. The Wikipedia entry, once eliminated on grounds that the term was not sufficiently widespread, has now resurfaced. And David Rowan has penned a "Trend Spotting" article on the subject for The Times [of London] Magazine (December 3rd edition). More here.

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R.J. Lehmann said...

Ahhh, to think I'll someday be able to say I knew you when...

Although I'd probably be more unequivocally positive about this development were it not for the fact that I both am a journalist, and have been quite guilty of using every "snowclone" in the book.

By the way, I believe (but could be wrong) the first appearance of the particular snowclone that inspired the NAME snowclone (that is, the eskimo one) was in the 1984 Jon Cryer/Demi Moore movie No Small Affair. At least, that's where I first recall hearing it.