Sunday, November 06, 2005


That's right, pirates! (Registration required.)
Pirates attacked a luxury cruise ship off the Horn of Africa on Saturday, waking passengers with a sunrise fusillade of grenades and gunshots before the ship's crew outran the two boats carrying the assailants, the Miami-based cruise line reported.

None of the 151 passengers aboard the Seabourn Spirit were injured in the 5:30 a.m. assault, but one crewman was hit by shrapnel and the ship sustained minor damage, Seabourn Cruise Line spokesman Bruce Good said in Miami.
The north coast of Somalia has been beset for years by pirate attacks on cargo ships, including several recent raids on vessels carrying humanitarian aid to the strife-torn region. But Saturday's attack was a rare assault on a leisure vessel.
What else is there to say? Take that, global warming!

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MT said...

Obviously Somalis don't count. They don't talk like pirates.