Thursday, September 08, 2005

Oh, Joy!

I can type with two hands, again! I'd rank slow typing as the fourth worst thing about having my distal radius reconstructed. Tops: Not getting good workouts. Second: Pain. Third worst thing: No surfing.

My arm continues to heal, thankfully. I've started to get decent leg workouts, though heavy trunk and arm lifts remains a no-go. Pain? Not so bad, now. But surfing remains but a fading memory and a tantalizing prospect.

It hardly helps that the guys at the gym keep taunting me with tales of warm, glassy, head-high sets. Worse yet, they don't lie. As I tell them, though, "[rather rough verb excised] you!" Whoops! I mean, I tell them, "Hey, surfing isn't a zero-sum game. Have fun without me. I'll be back in the water, soon."

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