Thursday, September 01, 2005

His Judgement Cometh, and That Right Sooner or Later

Via Hit & Run (and also Balko), I learn that some Christian fundies have blamed Katrina’s fury on the moral depravity of New Orleans, that modern-day Sodom. In addition to its usual culture of debauchery, New Orleans also plays host to Southern Decadence, a “Celebration of Gay Life, Music & Culture.”

What I’m wondering is… what took God so long? This Southern Decadence thing has been going on since 1972. Does the Omnipotent One have such a backlog of cases that it took him 23 years to get around to punishing the sodomites? And the annual Mardi Gras celebration has been going on much, much longer (though I don’t know how long ago the boobs-for-beads tradition got started). God sure took his sweet time before smiting these sinners.

Also, why such indiscriminate punishment? Given that Louisiana’s in the middle of the Bible Belt, lots of good Christian heterosexuals got the short of the end the stick. We know that God can mete out more specific punishments; why couldn’t he just turn the gay parade into a colonnade of salt? Apparently, God is a lot like that first-grade teacher who punished the whole class because of that one kid who put a tack in her seat.


Gil said...

Mysterious Ways.

mike hipp said...

as much good work as churches do... I still feel disdain for the ones that say things like this