Monday, July 11, 2005

L&S: Stossel Video

Tonight the students are watching a John Stossel video on the War on (Some) Drugs (Users). We've used various Stossel shows over the years and I think they work really well. Stossel is great at showing how silly the politically powerful are, and through his "playing dumb" technique, allowing his libertarian interview subjects to get ideas across in ways that make them seem as obvious and sane as they really are.

I think it's also a pleasure for these students to see a TV show that presents ideas they agree with in a media-savvy and persuasive way. For my money, Stossel is perhaps the most influential libertarian around these days. We need more like him.

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Anonymous said...

Smug Mr.Stossel is generally too uninformed about issues and tends to chose a side of an issue he finds appealing and then proceeds to belittle the other sides' arguments. For instance, he came to the conclusion that planet earth would benefit from having a billion more people on it because then we might get another piano virtuoso or another Einstein. Please John, give me a break! I hope he makes room for the addition billion humans (and cleans up their droppings) in his own backyard. He also made inane comments about the worthlessness of organic foods and agriculture. He should get pregnant and pick non-organic grapes in a pesticide ladden field in Mexico. Then he should carefully count the 6 digits on each of his newborn's toes and hands.

Once, John almost got choked to death by an angry professional wrestler after John accused his profession of being a charade. Sometime later after having regained consciousness, he sued the wrestler for battery. I would have had John suit up and go a few rounds with Andre the Giant or Hulk Hogan in their younger days. Give me brake! We don't need more like him.