Wednesday, July 13, 2005

L&S: Horwitz On Family Values

I haven't been blog-slacking, really. I've been busy responding to the many, many comments to my post on the Kelo Amendment. Todd Zywicki very kindly gave me a link on the Volokh Conspiracy, triggering a flood of traffic. (Thanks, Todd!)

Steve Horwitz now offers us comments on the "1900 House" video that he just showed. He apparently feels no need to work in a reference to sodomy. To the contrary, his talk concerns family values, albeit from an economic point of view. He just mentioned "Ozzie & Harriet"! For all that, though, it proves fascinating.

No sex, no guitar, no laser light show . . . and yet people listen. Gee, do you think that Steve knows something about teaching?

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