Sunday, July 10, 2005

L&S: Bell's Belle

Bell's just mentioned that he met his true love at a L&S seminar--and he'd be willing to talk about this with anyone interested!

More substantively (at least academically) he's now noting that it is often believed that we have a choice between chaos or the imposition of state law to maintain order. But this, he's arguing, is simply mistaken. There are many other sources of law apart from the state--such as the laws inposed by private organizations or through social contracts. Churches, for example, notes Bell, can serve to regulate people's behaviour, and so could also be considered to be sources of law.


Geoffrey Allan Plauche said...

Hi James! You didn't tell me you were teaching at an IHS seminar this summer, much less L&S at Pitzer! He might not remember me, but say hello to Tom for me!

Tom W. Bell said...

Hey, I remember you! Another successful L&S alum! (Admittedly, though, I was helped by your photo, at Congrats on your engagement!

Geoffrey Allan Plauche said...

Thanks! Marriage now though. We had the ceremony on the 5th. I still need to update my website. :o)