Friday, April 01, 2005

When Punctuation Matters

I went to a new dive bar last night ("new" in the sense of my not having been there before, not "new" in the sense of recently opened), and near the pool table they had posted the following sign:
Sorry State Law
And I thought to myself, "That it is, that it is."


Anonymous said...

Took me a second reading to notice. Maybe there are too many sign like it, we hardly even notice most the time.

Anonymous said...

i never knew the reason why gambling was not allowed in CA; but why is it that gambling is allowed in the casinos near city of industry? it isn't an indian resort and casino, so i never got that one. and what about those horsetrack racing? that's gambling but we have them here in CA.

i was in vegas this weekend for a bowling tournament and thanks to gambling (side-pots and cash pool prizes), i won 1500 bucks for placing 1st in both men and women's league (of course with my high handicap score adds). i didn't even need to gamble vegas style.


Anonymous said...

No smoking in here, out there, over younder, over dale or anywhere--whether it's cold or hot. Dr. Seuss, I'm not! Under penalty of death--your own!

I used to wish the tobacco companies would invent a safe cigarette. How (oxy)moronic can you get! Then, I hoped to no avail for a smokeless cigarette. Later, I wished for cyanide laced cigarettes until I realized that they already contain cyanide and a host of other poisons. What about an exploding cigarette? How dare you smokers light up within a square mile of me! A warning to Glen for his own good: STAY THE HELL OUT OF SMOKEY BARS AND TAVERNS AND DIVES AND POOL HALLS, STRIP JOINTS ETC.! Don't let those creatures blow smoke in your innocent face!

Your face is not a dartboard for foul ubiquitous smoke! Smell your clothes after spending a couple hours in one of those dens of iniquity (hell hole).

I'm only sorry that the State law prohibiting smoking in bars is scoffed at!

In my next post, I'll explain my plans for dealing with tobacco executives. It entails some novel uses for cigarettes. Abu Grahraib pales by comparison. It ain't pretty folks.

Find another venue for meeting chicks, Glen. How about a co-ed hike in the mountains?

Jody said...

I'm a big fan of the ubiquitous "Automatic Caution Doors."

Here in Virginia they've got great signs like "Leave Blacksburg" and "End State Maintenance" which frequently causes me to exclaim, "Right on!"

Anonymous said...

The best one I saw was in a Food Lion in North Carolina. It read "Checks Must Be Rote For Exact Amount."