Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Views of Home

My better (at many things) half, d, recently started blogging at http://dgm.typepad.com, a site she calls sunny side up: dispatches from paradise Don't confuse it with sunny side up: blossoms of warmth, at http://sunnysideup.typepad.com, started just 25 days before d's blog. (And don't get me started on the service mark issues raised by those two blogs. Or the capitalization ones.)

D has posted some great stuff. Leastwise, I like to read it. You might think that's only because she sometimes mentions me. I do love to read about me. But, no, it's not just that. You, too, will laugh at her account of our daughter's Post-It protests. You will marvel at the lovely San Clemente views from our hill-top home, whether looking east toward a rainbow or west at a sunset. And—who knows?—you might benefit from her romantic advice for politically divergent couples.

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