Thursday, December 16, 2004

Holiday Work

I'm not sure why Glen hasn't posted in a bit, though I suspect it has something to do with the end of his semester. What excuse have I got? The annual photoshopping of the family Christmas card. The 2001 card posed a pretty straightforward problem of mere formatting and retouching. I dodged the software step in 2002 by simply having copies made of a silly photobooth sitting that d, A.J., and I had done on a lark. In 2003, I got sucked into creating a montage of photos from our just-completed trip to Hawaii. This year I went all-out Fark, working our faces into a parody of a Thomas the Tank Engine video case. Sheesh! What a chore. I can only hope that recipients of the card get the joke. At least Kai ("Kai Thomas," to be more precise) gets a kick out of it.


Anonymous said...

I think you're gonna have trouble outdoing the 2003 "Big Kahuna" card. The 2004 card looks like something out of "The Return of the Flesheating Locomotives" No it was cute too. Thanks for sharing it with us. Happy holidays to Tom and his lovely family!!

Tom W. Bell said...

Thanks, Anon., and right back atcha' with the holiday well-wishing! You don't know how square-on you are about the "flesh-eating locomotives" bit. Kai *loves* flesh-eating! Very early in the development of his now burgeoning vocabulary, Kai mastered the phrase, "Ymmm, meat!" so he could say it loudly when we rolled him past the butcher's counter at the grocery store. And that was for *raw* meat, mind you! Bacon, roast, turkey, lamb, fish, . . . he eats it all, with gusto.

Anonymous said...

It always feels warm looking at your family pictures. Maybe more so b/c i'm female. Now I just have to get me a family. Thanks for posting things about your daughter and family. Happy Holidays!