Friday, July 09, 2004


Lacking anything really interesting of my own to say, I’m offering links to some recent posts I’ve enjoyed:

1. Geoff Pullum at Language Log points out something really annoying about words painted on streets. I’ve been annoyed about it myself, but I never remembered it long enough to blog about it. This is why I need a personal voice recorder in my car. And the shower.

2. Inspired by an opinion article lamenting that there’s “Little Hope Left for Weapons Ban,” David Masten at Catallarchy offers a snarky response lamenting that there’s also “Little Hope Left for Speech, Press Ban.”

3. Will Wilkinson gives a healthy fisking to Lawrence Mishel, who’s wringing his hands about inequality while supporting government regulations that create poverty. Linguistic bonus: After Mishel dares to “daresay” something silly, Will ups the ante with a “double-dog daresay.” Hey Neal, what’s the past tense of “daresay” – “daredsay” or “daresaid”? Does it matter whether it’s one word or two?

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