Monday, April 05, 2004

IHS Seminars: Apply NOW

Other bloggers have recently sung the praises of the Institute for Humane Studies (IHS), but I wanted to join the chorus. If you’re a college or graduate student, and you have an interest in the ideas of liberty, I highly encourage you to apply for one of IHS's free summer seminars. You won’t regret it. The official application deadline was March 31, but they’ve decided to continue accepting applications through April 9 (this Friday). It’s an online application, and it doesn’t take long to fill out. The application deadline for the Social Change Workshop, which grad students should consider especially seriously, is April 15. Hey, did I mention that the seminars are free?

I first attended one of these seminars in 1992, and I’ve been a faculty member for the last three summers (and will be again this summer). As a student, I found the seminar both inspiring and mind-blowing; and even now, over 10 years later and with a lot more education under my belt, I still find it among the most intellectually stimulating events of my year.

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