Friday, October 10, 2003

SAT Scores: The Mystery Continues

(See previous posts here and here.)

Dad tells me that one of his colleagues (who is about his age) distinctly remembers having gotten SAT scores that did not end in zero. This raises again the possibility that, at some point in its history, the scoring of the SAT changed; prior to that time, it was possible to get a score that was not a multiple of ten. But I still have not found any confirmation of this hypothesis. I sent an email to College Board (administrator of the SAT) asking whether there had ever been a scoring change of this nature, but they haven’t gotten back to me. Until further notice, I withdraw the claim that people who remember getting SAT scores not ending in zero are either lying or forgetful. If anyone out there knows the truth on this matter, or has further evidence, please let me know!

UPDATE: Mystery solved! Check the comments section for the story, which Andrew managed to find on the College Board site even though I couldn't.

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