Friday, September 05, 2003

A Better Joke Candidacy

A few weeks ago, Mike asked why the California LP shouldn't nominate Gary Coleman for governor. The answer (of course) is that the last thing the LP's reputation needs is another joke candidacy a la Howard Stern. Nevertheless, it is interesting how often these political outsiders have libertarian sensibilities, even if they lack philosophical consistency. For the latest example, check out porn actress and gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey's platform. Aside from the tax on breast implants and the porn-for-guns program, it all looks fairly libertarian. And she has just announced four new positions (not that kind of position, you perv) that will have libertarians cheering: "Ms. Carey is against [that's right, against] government-provided universal health coverage [yeah!]. She supports physician-assisted suicide [right on!]. She is pro-choice [of course!]. She supports legalizing ferrets [woo-hoo!]."

Could this election be any more fun?

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