Monday, May 12, 2003

The Rational Romantic Strikes Again

Yet more evidence for the search theory of romance, discussed in three previous posts. The following letter appeared in Carolyn Hax’s advice column:
Dear Carolyn: I was dumped by my girlfriend of two years for a logical but emotionless reason: "There are 6 billion people in this world, I think we should try and find a better match for each other." This was my first serious relationship and I dove into it headfirst only to be rudely initiated into the dating game. Now I have adopted a cynical view. Love is a game where we always try to "trade up," and if we can't or run out of time, we settle for the closest competitor. Could it be that in this individualistic society we have trivialized this sacred bond called love?

— Cynical, 23 Years Old
Dear Cynical: Dude, that’s rough. Say, could you give me her number?

(Carolyn’s reply: “Or, love is still love and you're just bitter because you got dumped. Either way, you're going to answer your own question by falling in love again, which is why this "game" is so great.”)

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